What We Do

Energizing brands.

Rebrand is focused solely on helping its customers achieve global-class brands through the use of strategic brand design. To have a brand be seen and heard and remembered, it must spark new thinking. A logo or a word mark is a start, but energizing that brand through strategic thinking and planning is what drives brand consciousness across all marketing platforms. At Rebrand, we do a 360-degree assessment of the brand, uncovering fresh target insights and marketing opportunities to improve brand positioning and heighten brand impact. With this strategic knowledge, our people create dynamic, cohesive brand identities through expressive story-telling, engaging imagery and innovative technology. To assure the brand is elevated above the crowd at every touch-point, a thread of consistency runs through all media – digital or traditional, advertising, websites, print collateral, retail packaging and environments. Our ultimate goal is to always win hearts and minds with fresh ideas that drive a positive response from the target audience.

We work on many levels.

We have worked collaboratively with advertising agencies, marketing firms, web developers and communication companies. We also work directly with clients themselves, our expertise spans many industries and disciplines. Ultimately, we care about our clients and we are dedicated to ensure ideas, advice and support make them and their business shine.

Let us partner with you today to help you build an exceptional brand. Contact us today, and let’s get together for an informal meeting to talk about your requirements.

Services we offer:

Brand Research
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Web and Mobile
Branded Environments
Print Design
Product Design
Motion Graphics
Signage Systems
Video Creation/Production
Production Services