Brand Identity

Forging strong identities to maximize growth.

A strong brand identity delivers its high-impact identity to the target-audience through an integration of key components. Those include a company’s values, services, products, ideas and personality. That integration establishes a direct relationship between products or services, and the customers who experience them. At Rebrand, we help clients forge powerful, long-lasting bonds with their audience by reinforcing critical brand attributes through visual language, voice, personality and cultural drivers. We bring it all together with thoughtful, well-crafted concepts, visual themes, logos, color, typography, illustration and photography – elements synchronized and geared to differentiate, express and emotionally grab customers.

Services we offer:

Brand Strategy
Branding and Brand
Brand Creative/Ideation
Brand Analysis
Brand Architecture
Visual and Verbal
Company/Product Naming
Focus Groups
Value Proposition
Launch Strategy

Brand Stewardship
Style Guidelines
Tools and Template