We create video that elicit reaction

The trend for video sharing and photo sharing has skyrocketed in popularity these last few years. Over 70,000 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube each day and is watched by over 85% of internet users. Over 300 million photos and video are uploaded and shared on Facebook each day to over 845 million active users, and the growing trend continues. The opportunities for raising brand recognition and engagement with video is wide open on the internet and it doesn’t stop here. Workplace training videos are becoming more popular as a means of training employees via internet, intranet or DVD. Animation is a powerful tool for storytelling conveying highly involved product or services information. Rebrand creates video, sound and music for broadcast, web broadband, presentations and live events, that entertain viewers with compelling storytelling that elicit reaction.

Services we offer:

Promotional Video
Training Video
Educational Video
Casting and Styling
Production Management
Asset Management
Post Production and Editing
Sound Editing