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Rebrand is focused on helping its customers achieve global-class brands through our dynamic 4 phase approach to brand development has proven instrumental for established businesses, new businesses and those in search of brand revitalization. Our process allows us to create a powerful, cohesive brand identity, expression and application from which your business can rise above the competition and break new ground. We help you tell your story through tone-of-voice, typography, colour and vivid imagery.


Analyze and Plan

A great brand doesn’t just happen. It begins with a clear vision of your business, along with the desire to make meaningful connections with your audience by fully understanding and meeting their needs. To achieve this, we collaborate with you and your team by asking questions, research your market, audit your competition, or arrange focus groups with your customers or employees in order to gain valuable insights into your company and your clients. This clears the way for true communication with your valued customers. At Rebrand we focus relentlessly on that goal.

Project Planning
Client Interviews
Audience Analysis
Competitive Review
Develop Strategy


Synthesize Information

Armed with the knowledge gained during Discovery, we can work with you to clearly define your brand strategy. This includes a clear articulation of your mission, vision, values, personality, unique promise and target market. It is at this stage that we determine the differences between you and your competition and amplify the positive attributes with clear positioning. With a strategic road map in place clarifying your position in the market place and guiding your marketing and communication efforts, this lays the path to your success. Once the framework is in place, we move to next phase Ideation.

Synthesize Research
Brand Characteristics
Define Target Audience
Narrow Focus
Develop Positioning
Brand Brief


Create and Design

The creative process sets the stage to bring your brand to life with a coherent visual and verbal language, one designed to give you a unique personality and clear presence, along with the tools you need to reach your target audience across every touchpoint from digital to print, both internal and external. Your brand is crafted and presented with, a clear identity, vivid imagery and compelling storytelling that sets you clearly apart from the competition and creates desire for your brand. With a strategic blueprint in place against which to evaluate creative executions, your success rate is greatly extended across every communication or market channel.

Develop Key Messages
Create Brand Identity
Design Brand Assets
Applicability Across All Media
Product/Services Naming


Brand Stewardship

Rebrand would ultimately be committed as a partner in this process and ensure your brand is protected. We can work with your team to prescribe proper usage and implementation of the brand. A brand identity guidelines is developed and clearly documented to demonstrate how the brand is implemented across all media channels. The guidelines ensure all brand standards and strategy are consistent and to circumvent the problems of deviance from the brand. The ultimate objective is to harmonize the branding platform in order to convey the message that the brand is distinctly and uniquely positioned in the marketplace. We believe that brand stewardship should be seen as an important investment for your brand’s future.

Vendor Management
Solututions Testing
Client Presentations
Project Launch