Circle Pharmaceuticals Zambia is one of the largest, fully integrated manufacturers of pharmaceuticals for humans and animals in Central and Southern Africa. Its modern plant is capable of producing over 300 quality medicines and a wide range of anti-retroviral drugs. The company’s recent take-over of the former Gamma Pharmaceuticals resulted in the need to rebrand the corporation and existing product line. The company also recognized the importance of raising awareness and reaffirming their commitment to the general public, and establish CirclePharma as a well recognized brand name in the pharmaceutical arena.

The brochure integrates well with the company’s newly designed identity, and reflects its bold, corporate color scheme. Special die-cutting and pocket folding allow the brochure to double as a presentation folder. The new packaging system has been conceived to organize and harmonize the company’s 35 product divisions and over 300 products. The photo features some of the consumer, prescription and bulk medications offered by the company. The company has achieved an excellent reputation in the pharmaceutical community and is steadily gaining recognition within the general public.

Visual Identity Guidelines / Communication Materials / Digital

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