CSR Cosmetic Solutions has a long tradition in manufacturing premium cosmetic products for private labels, creating unique items and fulfill specific client requests. The company’s strengths in rigorous research and development practices, coupled with state-of-the art production facilities has earned loyalty with existing clients, but has not been successful in bringing in new business. The company’s roster of worldwide clients has grown throughout the years, however, being in a crowded competitive landscape has necessitated the need for clearer distinction amongst the competition. The company’s former identity was no longer relevant in the audiences minds, causing a weakened brand image or certain products and services to struggle. A complete image overhaul for the aged brand including full brand Identity, website, photographic art direction was prescribed and is now in production.

The rebranding process provides an opportunity not only to engage audiences but also align issues and interests towards a relevant brand image. The company’s new identity and services were realigned so that the brands remain fresh and relevant to their respective target audiences. The new website and promotional materials have proven instrumental in promoting the companies ongoing sales efforts and raising the companies image to new heights.

Visual Identity Guidelines / Communication Materials / Digital / Photography