Mirage speakers offer a wide array of speakers aimed at audio applications from simple 2 channel music, home theatre applications to multi room systems. The company wanted to launch a series of new products that were unique in the sound industry and to convey a sense that the speakers were anything but traditional. Rebrand developed a campaign and branded assets that cohesively define the brand across all marketing and communication devices. Our main focus was to uniquely position the company’s exclusive Omnipolar® technology, that delivers 360º of immersive audio entertainment. Room settings and unique product attributes were featured across all communication devices, such as the speakers natural balance of direct and reflected sound, the ability to experience the same accurate listening from anywhere in your room and the ability of the speakers to fit almost anywhere.

Omnisat is featured as a miniature marvel that produces powerful music and movie performances in any living room without taking up valuable space and fits perfectly in any décor.

The Athena product ads and brochure represent the company’s newest releases in a stylish series of consumer loud speakers. The promotional devices were created to position the products as innovative leaders in the speaker industry and feature the unique attributes of the product within home entertainment environments.

The new brand image coupled with the new ad campaign generated consumer interest for the product at the retail level. The multilevel promotional mediums and online merchandizing tools reinforced the dynamic and unique nature of their new products. These elements have leveraged brand recognition to an all time high and gained increased sales in products.

Visual Identity Guidelines / Advertising / Sales Collateral / Digital

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