Nudorra Capital is a financial services firm, that specializes in lawsuit loans to individuals in litigation needing financial assistance until their case is settled. Rebrand helped in naming and creating a unique identity platform from which the company can build a solid foundation in the competitive financial sector. The new identity was developed for both digital and print applications with focus on maintaing cohesiveness across all communications media. The website’s clean presentation and simple navigational structure, are all geared at giving visitors straightforward company insight without having to scramble for information.

Litigation funding is a niche and fast growing financial sector. With so many financial companies jumping on the bandwagon, it makes customer acquisition a challenging task. The key to survival in this market sector is in recognizing the competitive advantage that lays in differentiating yourself from the competition. A strong brand can differentiate your business, helping your company stand out from competitors and allow your customers to identify with you in an engaging way. This can create loyalty for your brand, customer retention and a cost-effective base upon which to market your business as you move forward. The new brand identity has provided a solid platform for diversification and has been met with successful response.

Visual Identity Guidelines / Communication Materials / Digital