Nuraleve offers medical clinics and professionals innovative programs that use a form of neuromodulation known as transcranial direct current stimulation. The technology targets a specific brain region that controls pain and cravings and has proven effectiveness in clinical trials. The company’s main programs include: Painrelief for chronic pain management is a non-drug, non-invasive approach to chronic pain treatment and Craverelief a smoking cravings reduction program. This programs offer a complete suite of services to facilitate the client sessions from start to finish. The Nuraleve brand name was derived from combining two words Neuron and Relieve, creating an appropriate brand meaning and ensure identification of the brand with customers. The identity and logomark is reflective of the company’s advancements in the neurological arena and the solutions that target both craving and pain relief. We focused on making the symbol distinct and easily recognizable at public level and ensuring the brand name was easily remembered.

The new brand identity and supporting components are intended to highlight the company’s technologically advancements. The brand suite including imagery and creative components are all geared at creating greater public recognition and acceptance of the brand name, in the audience’s mind. These elements have leveraged brand recognition to an all time high and gained favourable sales.

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