Simulare Medical hired Rebrand to create a new and engaging brand image, while increasing brand awareness across their communication and promotional venues. Simulare Medical develops anatomically accurate, high-fidelity surgical simulators designed to accelerate the learning curve and elevate the surgeon’s level of competence. The company works in collaboration with leading pediatric plastic surgeons at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto Canada, and aims to bring innovation and acceleration to the medical training process.

A uniquely designed brandmak, copy, taglines and identity guide have been developed to clearly identify the company in the market sector. An informative product brochure has been developed to introduce the company’s first medical training device The Cleft Palate Simulator. A new website featuring an online training portal is currently being developed to expand the company’s competency in training the intricacies of surgical procedures. The company has established a solid footprint in the surgical training field.

Visual Identity Guidelines / Communication Materials / Sales Centre / Signage / Digital