Driving More Business
Through SEO

What businesses need to understand for online success is the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In summery, SEO is the art of making your content relevant and your website findable to your target audience when they type keywords into search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The concept is basic, but the execution is a little more involved. It requires knowledge, experience and right strategies. The following are useful SEO methods that will be helpful for obtaining realistic and better results.

1. SEO Is a long term commitment

If you need to drive 5,000 visitors to your site immediately, then you are going to be totally disappointed in SEO. SEO is a long term process that builds on itself and gains momentum with time – and time isn’t something you can control, no matter how much on or offsite SEO work you accomplish. Most business owners don’t want to wait six months or a year to see the return on their SEO investment, but the truth is, SEO takes time to do right.

2. Your content should be king not SEO

Is your website content designed to actually inform and educate your audience or are you just looking to rank on search engines? When you put the search engines before your visitors, your links will send a few targeted visitors to your site, however, it’s not all about chasing higher rankings on search results. Companies should focus their efforts on establishing meaningful and engaging content that build long lasting loyalty to their company’s products or services. Ultimately, people are loyal to companies that provide good services and products, not to companies that rank higher on search results.

3. There is no secret to SEO success

There is no magic formula to catapult your website to the top and actually stay there for the long run, and any SEO firm or consultant that tries to tell you otherwise should not be trusted. Yes, there are technical methodologies to help your SEO rankings, but that does not guarantee you top spot forever. The best advice is to continue to optimize your site content on a regular basis and stay focused on your business content.

4. Link building is ongoing

You might hit a high benchmark in your SEO success, but that doesn’t mean you can now rest and leave the rest to mother nature. You’re link building efforts are always being monitored by your competition and their ultimate goal is to unseat your rankings. There are thousands, of websites competing for the top spot in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), just because you reach top rankings doesn’t mean it’s yours to keep. Link building is an ongoing process that should be continuously monitored and refined to ensure your rankings maintain optimal rankings over time.

Ways we can help you getting found in search engines:

Keyword Research: Help you find effective, realistic, strategic keywords for your business.

On-Page Optimization: Write and implement keywords that will optimize your website with key search engines.

Manage an SEO Program: Manage your website in ways that make economic sense to your business, not to have an impact on your wallet.

Off-Page / Linkbuilding: We can build links by bookmarking, directory submissions, article submissions, forum postings, creating blogs and press releases. This will reinforce your search engine prominence within your industry sector.

Content, Social Media and Blogging: We can help you build stronger content marketing, social media marketing, and a blog to increase SEO results.

Geographical SEO / Local SEO: We can ensure your business shows up in the local search results. The places where people are most likely and willing to purchase your goods or use your services.

Tracking and Metrics: Tools to track your SEO effectiveness and efforts with the ability to adjust, refine your ongoing campaign.

Send us an email or give us a call. We’re always available to discuss how we can take your business forward through SEO.


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